Boswachterij Exloo
Forestry Exloo + Dolmen D30

Forestry Exloo + Dolmen D30 - Ees

N 52.891398912136 / E 6.8457708695371

The forest near Exloo lies on the Drentsche Hondsrug and offers a beautiful mix of coniferous and deciduous forest, open heathland and drifting sand areas. In the middle of the forestry lies dolmen D30, one of the five-thousand-year-old structures of the Funnel Beaker people.

However, the dolmen is not the only trace of history. Have you seen a marker stone at a crossroads near a thick oak tree? People used to use these large stones to mark the boundaries between Odoorn, Exloo and Buinen.

You can also admire the Glacier Pit, a now-grown crater in the landscape created during the ice age.

Boswachterij Exloo

Forestry Exloo + Dolmen D30
9536 Ees

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