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Flipje originated as an advertising figure of jam factory 'De Betuwe'. As the jam factory faced increasing competition, they looked for new advertising methods and this is how Flipje came into being. The factory already published children's books promoting its products. The advertising agency they worked with had to invent a new character for the children's books, but couldn't think of a good name. One day, someone shouted: "If necessary, we will call him Flip! From that moment on, that became the recognisable logo of the jam factory.

Years later, the factory was taken over by Hero. Gradually, the production moved to Breda and the factory in Tiel closed its doors for good in 1993. Flipje remained behind only in Tiel, where it became the logo of the Betuwe. The entire history of Flipje and the factory can be found in this museum.

As well as the story of Flipje, the history of Tiel can also be admired in a variety of changing exhibitions.

Flipje & Streekmuseum

Flipje & Regional Museum
Plein 48
4001 LJ Tiel

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