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Fliegerhorst Volkel

Fliegerhorst Volkel - Volkel

N 51.655556476643 / E 5.6746748680022

In 1940, the German Luftwaffe started the construction of an airfield in the village of Volkel. This airfield acted as an alternative base for night flying operations from Eindhoven and Gilze-Rijen. Because of the swampy ground, the runways were paved in 1942 and hangars were built.

The airfield was regularly targeted by Allied bombers heading for the Ruhr, but time and again it was recovered. The Germans forced local residents from the area to help repair the runways, with the cooperation of local mayors who were ordered to provide people.

Bombing raids were carried out on 15 August and 3 September 1944 in connection with Operation Market Garden, which marked the end of the Luftwaffe's presence in Volkel. Upon their departure, they destroyed the runways and damaged the power supply and fuel stores so badly that a quick recovery operation was made impossible by the Allies.

Messerschmitt vliegtuig

Fliegerhorst Volkel
Zeelandsedijk 10A
5408 SM Volkel

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