Eerste Zaanse Zweefvliegtuigclub

First Zaanse Glider Club - Castricum

N 52.539161 / E 4.626321

From March to November, the Eerste Zaanse Zweefvliegtuigclub (EZZC) flies on Castricum airfield. You can experience for yourself that gliding is a unique experience! From May to August, you can fly along in a glider on weekday evenings. Enjoy the beautiful view high above the dunes, the beach and the sea of the Noordhollands Duinreservaat. You will have ample opportunity to take beautiful photos.

Eerste Zaanse Zweefvliegtuigclub

First Zaanse Glider Club
Beverwijkerstraatweg 210
1901 NM Castricum

Contact details
T: 0251-651626

Check the booking calendar on the EZZC website for the current flight times.

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