Exposure - Lelystad

N 52.5245618 / E 5.4255836

This crouching man is no less than 26 metres high. From Bataviahaven he stares dreamily ahead, over the Marker Lake. He balances on the boundary between land and water. The British artist Antony Gormley made the sculpture Exposure after he was fascinated by the social engineering of the new polder. He was inspired by the Flevoland landscape: a landscape with straight lines of canals, fields and windmills that was nevertheless rhythmic. The high-voltage pylons are like the nervous system of the province. He allowed all these elements to return in Exposure.

From a distance, the sculpture may be impressive, but the closer you get, the more abstract and complex the metal tubes are. As an art lover, you should not miss a visit to this internationally renowned sculpture!


8242 NA Lelystad

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