Estate the Onstein
Estate the Onstein

Estate the Onstein - Vorden

N 52.0885622 / E 6.3752411

At that time, it was a farm. The house you see before you now are called Castle Onstein. However, it is a mansion built in 1613 and thoroughly rebuilt in 1711. At the front and back of the moat is a symmetrical ornamental garden that also dates from this period. Its design is attributed to court architect Daniel Marot. The ornamental gardens are bordered by avenues that separate the gardens from a geometric forest. The northernmost avenue has the form of a grand canal that was connected to the moat. Around 1800, the moat around the house was widened, placing the house in the center of the moated yard, and the 18th century avenues on the southeast side of the house were extended to their current length. A carriage house, service house and horse stable were built within the moat yard around 1875.

In 1925 the house was again taken in hand. To a design by W. Dorst the roof was replaced, a bell tower added, and the stair tower raised.

In 1978, Mr. Melchers bought the house, who firmly restored the building, which had stood empty for some twenty years. The house and its immediate surroundings are not accessible, but the estate is.

Estate the Onstein
Estate the Onstein

Estate the Onstein
Onsteinseweg 15
7251 ML Vorden

Contact details
T: +31306911347

Not to be visited on Day of the Castle. House and immediate surroundings not to be visited.

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