Estate Snippert

Estate Snippert - Losser

N 52.283671 / E 6.960434

Enjoy the blooming rhododendrons in the spring, find a cool spot in the summer, pick up sweet chestnuts in the fall to roast them at home and admire the fine bare branches in winter. In short: the Snippert estate has something to offer in every season. Especially if you like getting up early: the estate is for you to discover! If you are quiet you can spot the polecat, hare, ermine, rabbit, deer or fox, while enjoying the many songbirds: nuthatch, blackbird, robin, chiffchaff or the little wren (little winter king literally translated from Dutch) who, despite its name, does not like winters at all. You will hear the knock of the green woodpecker looking for a dead wood meal.

The photo was taken by Ronald Kamphuis on behalf of Natuurmonumenten.

Estate Snippert

Estate Snippert
7582 PA Losser

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T: 035-6559911

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