Landgoed Snippert
Estate Snippert

Estate Snippert - Losser

N 52.283671 / E 6.960434

Snippert estate has a history dating back to the 19th century. Originally the estate was owned by wealthy families who used the area as hunting grounds and country retreats. The stately mansions and farms you encounter here still bear witness to this prosperous period. These buildings, often surrounded by old oaks and beeches, give the estate a historic appearance.

Enjoy the flowering rhododendrons in spring, seek shade in summer, pick up chestnuts and brown leaves in autumn and admire the bare branches in winter. In short: estate Snippert has something to offer you in every season.

Especially if you get up early once, the estate is full of surprises! If you are quiet you might spot hares, rabbits, deer or foxes. There are also several bird species to be found such as the nuthatch, blackbird, robin, chiffchaff and the little wren which, despite its name, does not like winters at all.

Photo: ©Ronald Kamphuis on behalf of Natuurmonumenten.

Landgoed Snippert

Estate Snippert
7582 PA Losser

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T: 035-6559911

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