Duin en Kruidberg

Estate Duin and Kruidberg - Santpoort-Noord

N 52.434176 / E 4.625790

Duin en Kruidberg was built between 1907-1909 by Johan J. van Nieukerken and his sons M. Adrianus and Johan. They also design the interior. The Dutch Renaissance serves as a source of inspiration. The history of this estate begins in the 17th century. In 1634 the Amsterdam merchant Hendrik Reijnst bought a farmstead on the Duin en Berg estate, where he laid out a formal garden. Around 1650, the Haarlem regent Balthasar Croymans built the farmstead De Kruidberg here. Stadholder William III bought it in 1679 and mainly hunted there. Floris A. van Hall merges Duin and Berg and De Kruidberg. After the purchase by the couple Jacob Th. Cremer and Annie Hogan in 1885, lack of space was the reason for the construction of the current house. Duin en Kruidberg is now a hotel.

Stichting Kastelen Buitenplaatsen Landgoederen
Duin en Kruidberg

Estate Duin and Kruidberg
Duin- en Kruidbergerweg 60
2071 LE Santpoort-Noord

Contact details
T: 023-5121800
E: info@duin-kruidberg.nl

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Open 24 hours
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