ENCI Groeve
ENCI Quarry

ENCI Quarry - Maastricht

N 50.816901597583 / E 5.6884760533883

The ENCI Groeve is a recreational area in a former limestone quarry. From 1926 to 2018, chalk was excavated here for the benefit of the nearby cement factories. The chalk layer originated seventy million years ago in a shallow subtropical sea and consists of remains of marine animals such as sea urchins and shark teeth. When excavating, many unusual fossils and dinosaur bones were therefore found over the years. You can admire these finds at the Natural History Museum in Maastricht.

After 2018, the quarry of the First Dutch Cement Industry was redeveloped by Natuurmonumenten into a peace, quiet and nature area where you can enjoy excellent hiking and recreation. The area is home to eagle owls, foxes, roe deer and land goats, among others. You cannot enter the area by bike, but you can park your bike and enjoy the spectacular views over the Meuse valley and the breathtakingly beautiful quarry with azure water.

If you can't get enough of this extraordinary phenomenon, walk down 215 steps into the quarry, past the various chalk layers, back in time. All the way down, you walk across the bottom of the former Cretaceous sea.

ENCI Groeve
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