Spottersplaats Airport

Eindhoven Airport spotter area - Eindhoven

N 51.465093 / E 5.392885

More and more airlines and therefore more different aircrafts are landing and departing at Eindhoven Airport. From the popular spotter's spot at the Spottersweg you have a clear view over the entire airport. It is an elongated car park, so it is easy to park your car there. You can also sit down on one of the benches overlooking the central runway.

Arriving planes pass right over you. Departing planes also pass right in front of you on the taxiway. Cargo planes, holiday charters, military aircraft and private jets, everything passes by!

Attention: did you take a nice picture of a military plane? Then only use it for your private collection. It is forbidden to post photos of military vehicles on the internet!

Spottersplaats Airport

Eindhoven Airport spotter area
5657 EA Eindhoven

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