Natuurgebied Egheria
Egheria nature reserve

Egheria nature reserve - De Lutte

N 52.3268942 / E 6.9626672

Egheria estate was previously owned by textile manufacturer Ten Cate. He named the estate after his four sons: Egbert, Hendrik, Richard and Arnold. Egheria is one of the quietest areas in the Netherlands. You will come across babbling brooks, old farmhouses with half-timbered walls, wide vistas and tranquil nature. There are five streams on the estate that allow you to discover special plants and birds. For example, there are five different species of birds of prey, two types of owls and five types of woodpeckers. But the estate is also the perfect place for rare mosses such as the large circular moss. You can even discover the badger!

Natuurgebied Egheria

Egheria nature reserve
7587 NC De Lutte

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