Landgoed Eerde
Landgoed Eerde
Eerde Estate

Eerde Estate - Ommen

N 52.484494 / E 6.452797

t is as if time has stood still and the castle dwellers can walk around the corner at any moment. Surrounding the castle are farmyards with shutters the same colour as the castle, a stately park wood, beautifully overgrown walls along the castle moat and lots of flowers. The farm landscape is almost as it was in the Middle Ages, so here you can still find meadows with wooded banks where birds and small mammals like to find shelter. The Bevert, which was straightened into a boring ditch, is now again a meandering stream that attracts amphibians and fish. A fantastic area to cycle through! The photo of the castle was made for Natuurmonumenten by Andries de la Lande Cremer.

Landgoed Eerde
Landgoed Eerde

Eerde Estate
Kasteellaan 1
7731 PJ Ommen

Contact details
T: 035-6559911

The castle cannot usually be visited from the inside.

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