Eendrachtsmolen - Zevenhuizen

N 52.002434562738 / E 4.5535337067461

Discover the charming Eendrachtsmolen, a beautiful ground-sailer located at the picturesque Zevenhuizer Verlaat between the Hennipsloot and the Rottemeren lakes, near Zevenhuizen.

Originally built as a boezemolen in 1727, this mill drew water from two now-defunct mill passages. Today, the mill fulfils an important role as a water refresher for the Rotte, while also serving as a unique and atmospheric dwelling. Since 1949, the Eendrachtsmolen has been owned by the Schieland Water Board, which has since merged into the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard Water Board.

With its sails, equipped with authentic rods some 28 metres long and traditional old Dutch fencing with ornate sails, this mill is a beautiful sight.


Rottekade 1
2761 EA Zevenhuizen

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