Dunes of Bakkeveen
Dunes of Bakkeveen

Dunes of Bakkeveen - Bakkeveen

N 53.0809683 / E 6.2844936

The Dunes of Bakkeveen is a nature reserve of approximately 260 hectares, near Bakkeveen. It is a Natura 2000 area, which means that it is protected by the EU member states in terms of conservation and restoration of biodiversity. You will find forest, heather and grassland. What you can also admire is the Poepedobbe, a circular lake that is a pingoruin; a remnant of pushed-up permafrost that formed a once spherical hill, a pingo. After the climate warmed up, a crater with melted ice remained. Get off your bike to discover this special nature reserve. Image source: www.bakkeveen.nl
Bron afbeeldingen: www.bakkeveen.nl

Dunes of Bakkeveen
Dunes of Bakkeveen

Dunes of Bakkeveen
Nije Drintse Wei 8
9243 SE Bakkeveen

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T: +31512381448
E: info@itfryskegea.nl

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