Natuurgebied Eendenkooi
Duck decoy nature reserve

Duck decoy nature reserve - 't Zand

N 52.8436033 / E 4.7719667

Among the bulb fields, there is suddenly a green oasis. Hidden in this stretch of woodland is a veritable duck decoy, more than four hundred years old. The cage has a rectangular shape, with an increasingly narrow point in one corner. This is where the ducks were driven to catch them. For the residents, the duck decoy was an important source of income and food.

Landschap Noord-Holland has restored the cage to its former state and maintains the area. The forest is entirely focused on attracting birds, which you will see and hear in large numbers. There are also bat boxes on display. The duck decoy is only accessible with excursions (during the summer months) and on open days. One such excursion shows how to catch a duck. Where ducks used to be eaten, they are now ringed for nature management purposes.

The duck decoy also houses a small nature information centre, definitely worth a visit!

Natuurgebied Eendenkooi

Duck decoy nature reserve
Korte Bosweg 47
1756 CA 't Zand

Contact details
T: 088-0064455

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

The duck decoy is only accessible with an excursion.

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