Dorrepaal - Leidschendam

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The Germans occupied Villa Dorrepaal, located in Park Leeuwenbergh, together with the seven ladies living there at the beginning of the Second World War. The country estate was an ideal place for the Germans, because it was at the back of Ypenburg airfield. the villa was adjacent to the old toll bridge, which was a direct connection to The Hague, the place where the government was located, so Villa Dorrepaal was a strategically chosen place that the Germans could use, because they wanted to invade through the country town of The Hague, with the aim that the government would capitulate.

Lieutenant George Maduro was commissioned on May 10, 1940 to recapture Dorrepaal. He was only 23 at the time. He crossed the toll bridge with 11 other soldiers. They surrounded the villa, and Maduro ordered the soldiers to fire. At that time the Germans, together with the ladies, were in the basement. To them, it sounded like a whole platoon was surrounding the property. Maduro and his men entered the villa, arrested the Germans and gave the ladies back their freedom. Of course this was not without a struggle!

George Maduro was a hero and was therefore posthumously awarded the Knight 4th Class of the Military Order of William on 9 May 1946.


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