Donkere Duinen
Donkere Duinen (Dark Dunes)

Donkere Duinen (Dark Dunes) - Den Helder

N 52.9334888 / E 4.7299222

The Dark Dunes is a beautiful hiking forest with planted pine forests. In the area you will come across many birds such as the crested tit, long-tailed tit, tree creeper and the goldcrest. In addition, you will also find many mushrooms in the forest, this is due to the moist soil and the wood present from the trees. Take a scenic walk through the area and enjoy the view of the annular duck pond.

Donkere Duinen

Donkere Duinen (Dark Dunes)
Jan Verfailleweg
1783 BW Den Helder

Contact details
T: +31880064400

The area is accessible from sunrise to sunset.

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