Staringkoepel Lochem
Dome of A.C.W. Staring

Dome of A.C.W. Staring - Lochem

N 52.162276588147 / E 6.3576318177611

This 'tea dome' was built by the youngest daughter of poet A.C.W. Staring; Constantia Ernestine Theodora Staring. She had the dome built with building material from the demolished mansion Het Draafsel. In the dome, the lady would drink tea with her friends and enjoy a beautiful view.

If the women wanted tea, the bell was rung in the cupola and tea was brought from the nearby Hoeve Draafsel.

In 1893 Constantia died and the cupola fell into serious disrepair. Only in 2004 was the dome restored to its former glory and visitors could enjoy the same view as Constantia did in the 19th century.

The little dome can only be reached by a foot ferry. You have to pull yourself across the small river De Berkel.

Staringkoepel Lochem

Dome of A.C.W. Staring
7241 TD Lochem

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