Hunebedden D21 en D22
Dolmens D21 and D22

Dolmens D21 and D22 - Bronneger

N 52.944068199835 / E 6.8003887855564

In Bronneger, just north of Borger, there are no fewer than five dolmens. Dolmen D21 is considered the most beautiful of the five, as it is still as good as complete. Many archaeological finds have also been made in D21. The huge beech tree attached to the dolmen makes it a picturesque sight to see.

Dolmen D22 is nearby and is built with the same structure, but is in worse condition. It is the smallest dolmen in Drenthe.

Close to these two dolmens you will also find dolmens D23, D24 and D25.

Hunebedden D21 en D22

Dolmens D21 and D22
9527 Bronneger

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