Hunebed D52
Dolmen D52

Dolmen D52 - Diever

N 52.85894 / E 6.331025

It used to be thought that the dolmens were the work of barbarian giants, but today we assume that the megalithic (large stone) structures indicated the burial chambers of the Funnel Beaker people who lived around 4400 years BC.

Hunebed D52 can be found along the Groningerweg in Diever. The hunebed is somewhat controversial. When Professor Van Giffen, in 1918, found the remains of this hunebed, it was in a dilapidated state. The stones were scattered here and there and were not immediately recognisable as hunebeds. In 1953, on the professor's instructions, the hunebed was completely restored. But in retrospect, we know that the professor was never able to determine with certainty the function of six stones. Today, therefore, archaeologists do not see this as a responsible restoration.

Hunebed D52

Dolmen D52
Groningerweg 3
7981 LA Diever

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