Hunebed D1 - ©Karin Broekhuijsen
Dolmen D1

Dolmen D1 - Steenbergen

N 53.104769692124 / E 6.4096416976489

Dolmen D1 (short for Drenthe 1) is Drenthe's northernmost dolmen, found in Steenbergen. Fun fact: 'steenbergen' used to be a common name for a dolmen for the people of Drenthe. Most probably, therefore, the place name for this Drenthe village is derived from the almost complete dolmen that lies here.

The dolmen is located in beautiful natural surroundings. The information column next to the dolmen gives you all the information you need.

Photo: ©Karin Broekhuijsen, via

Hunebed D1 - ©Karin Broekhuijsen

Dolmen D1
9307 Steenbergen

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