Het Gazebo van Diepenheim
Diepenheim's Gazebo

Diepenheim's Gazebo - Diepenheim

N 52.2068404 / E 6.5511034

On the Oude Goorsewe g 2 in Diepenheim, 1393 hostas have been planted, surrounded by a double row of 136 beeches. You can think of these red beeches as framing a painting. A magnificent work of art in nature. It is a unique Land-Art project developed by Belgian artist Urbain Mulkers. The word Gazebo comes from Italian and means a structure on the side of the road where you can take shelter from the sun. This is also reflected in Diepenheim's Gazebo. A shady place where visitors can retreat and rest for a while.

Het Gazebo van Diepenheim

Diepenheim's Gazebo
Oude Goorseweg 2
7478 SC Diepenheim

Contact details
T: 0547 352143
E: info@drawingcentre.nl

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