Diakonievene - Nijerberkoop

N 52.965103 / E 6.165672

The Diakonievene is a nature reserve that used to be used for the extraction of peat. The church charity (Diaconie) of Nijeberkoop did this to ensure that the poor people who lived there at the time stayed warm in the winter.

Nowadays, the area looks beautiful and consists of a number of beautifully situated lakes that are connected to each other. You will find the remains of a pingo ruin with a wooded drift bank and small areas of heathland. Get off your bike here for a relaxing walk through the Diakonievene, along the Catspoele and the Dellerboersterheide.


Grindweg 22
8422 DN Nijerberkoop

Contact details
T: 0512-381448
E: info@itfryskegea.nl

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