Den Haas mill

Den Haas mill - Zierikzee

N 51.646811 / E 3.917611

The second round stone mill from Zierikzee dates from 1727 and is located on the Bolwerk, on the south side of the city north of the harbour. Around 1600 a post mill was built on the Bolwerk, which was demolished in 1723. In 1726, the owners of the De Molense post mill, which was also on the quay at the Karnemelksvaart, also requested permission for demolition to build a new stone mill on site.

Den Haas mill

Den Haas mill
Bolwerk 1
4301 AP Zierikzee

Contact details
T: 0113-212466

Can be visited when the mill is running, usually on Friday and Saturday.

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