Delleboersterheide - Oldeberkoop

N 52.9522123 / E 6.1563749

The Delleboersterheide is 195 hectares in size and it is big pigsty. You can encounter foxes and badgers, Scottish highlanders, Exmoor ponies and the Drenthe sheep. Breeding birds such as the pipit, yellowhammer, and recently the crane as well, find their place here. Brown fire butterflies, comma butterflies and sometimes a hundred heather blues flutter around. This nature reserve is mainly a dragonfly paradise with no less than 43 different dragonfly species, including the rare petite damselfly. You can best admire the dragonflies from the dragonfly platform on the Catspoele, a beautiful fen within walking distance of the Delleboersterheide. Stop here on your cycling route for a beautiful walk and discover all the critters.


Oosterwoldseweg 53
8421 RP Oldeberkoop

Contact details
T: +31512381448

The Delleboersterheide is open during the day all year round. The area 'De Hoorn' is not accessible during the breeding season from March 15th to July 1st.

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