De Wodanseik
De Wodanseik

De Wodanseik - Wolfheze

N 52.010271 / E 5.7842402

Where now s.v. Wodaneck a ball of kicks used to be a vodan oak. That already indicates that special powers were attributed to this place. But modern engineers in the 19th century who were working on the construction of the railway didn't believe in that, of course. When they walked to work one day, they saw in the distance a locomotive with only one light bulb coming on. That was strange. At the deep meltwater channel in front of Rijersheide the lamp suddenly came closer and entered the tunnel. They quickly went to the other end of the tunnel, but nothing came out. Still a bit frightened they decided not to go into the tunnel in the dark, but the next day. They found nothing.

Now every inhabitant of Wolfheze knows that they didn't see a train, but the burning shepherd. He had deliberately set his farm on fire, but when he had to go to court for that, he denied: 'If I lie, my soul may wander around like a burning roof sheafer'. Now he walks forever burning between Wolfheze, the Planken Wambuis and Arnhem...

De Wodanseik
De Wodanseik

De Wodanseik
Duitsekampweg 45
6874 BV Wolfheze

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T: 0341-769098

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