De Waschkolk
De Waschkolk

De Waschkolk - Nunspeet

N 52.367769392711 / E 5.8301485022827

De Waschkolk, or the Waskolk, is a special nature reserve and part of the Zandenbos. It is designated as a Natura 2000 area and is maintained by the State Forestry Commission.

Its focal point is a historic heath fen. Sheep used to be washed in here, hence the name 'Waschkolk', meaning 'Wash vortex'. The fen is an important home for many animal species. From reptiles and amphibians, to birds and mammals. You might just come across a viper, viviparous lizard, moor frog, black woodpecker or nightjar here. Deer, wild boar and red deer like to use the pond for drinking.

Because so many animal species, including protected species, depend on the Waschkolk, it is also a vulnerable area. So the water is not meant for swimming. Fortunately, it is so beautiful that just sitting quietly and watching is already enjoyable!

De Waschkolk

De Waschkolk
8072 Nunspeet

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