Bever bij de ruïne
De Nijenbeek ruins

De Nijenbeek ruins - Voorst

N 52.18846858996 / E 6.16094917

In the floodplains of De IJssel, on De Poll estate stands a ruined castle dating back to the 13th century. The ruin is home to vulnerable species on the Red List, such as several species of bats. But behind De Nijenbeek you will find the beaver and the otter, among others. Kingfishers, storks and the occasional corncrake are regularly spotted.

By bike, you can approach ruin De Nijenbeek to within about 10 metres. The forecourt is open to the public. Under the shelter is an information panel with touchscreen.

Bever bij de ruïne

De Nijenbeek ruins
Nijenbeekseweg 52
7383 BD Voorst

Contact details
T: 0653777561

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