Gemaal De Lynden
De Lynden Pumping Station

De Lynden Pumping Station - Lijnden

N 52.3534164 / E 4.7605144

The second pumping station used to drain the Haarlemmermeer is Gemaal De Lynden from 1848. After reclamation, the pumping station remained operational for a long time to regulate and maintain the water balance in Haarlemmermeer. A new pumping station has since been built to replace the old one. Nevertheless, the old pumping station is of historical importance as industrial heritage and has been carefully restored and modernized. Since 2015, the building has housed a restaurant.

Photo: Liefs uit Haarlemmermeer

Gemaal De Lynden

De Lynden Pumping Station
Akerdijk 10
1175 LE Lijnden

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