De Kleine Schans

De Kleine Schans - Terheijden

N 51.642684 / E 4.7427069

The history of De Kleine Schans in Terheijden dates back to the late 16th century. Around 1590 there was already a Spanish army camp of 200 men here. The fort was built in 1639 to protect the ships on the river Mark. The Spaniards and the Staatsen (a group of insurgents against the Spanish ruler) had a lot of trouble here during the Eighty Years' War. After a period of neglect, the fort was restored in 1830 and used for defense against the Belgians. A great history for this Kleine (Small) Schans. Nowadays it is a sight, nice picnic spot and playground for children.

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De Kleine Schans

The Kleine Schans can be visited continuously

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