De Hooge Riet
De Hooge Riet

De Hooge Riet - Ermelo

N 52.3030556 / E 5.61605555

You can see De Hooge Riet across Ermelo train station. On 1 September 1944, the German Wehrmacht gave orders to evacuate the Hooge Riet sanatorium, along with the Hoogstede, Rustoord and Ruimzicht villas). The sanatorium was to be used as “Kriegslazarett”, German for war hospital. Large red crosses were painted on the roof to offer protection against air strikes. Some of the bomb-proof shelters in the basement have been preserved.

De Hooge Riet

De Hooge Riet
Dokter van Dalelaan 1
3851 JA Ermelo

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T: +31341567321

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