Havezate De Haere
De Haere Castle

De Haere Castle - Olst

N 52.3080314 / E 6.1162075

14th-century documents mention the Hof ter Hare, a farm belonging to the Ter Haer family. The construction of the medium-sized manor took place in 1559 under Hendrik van Oldeneel. The Van Oldeneels were Roman Catholics and always remained so, despite the fact that this prevented them from joining the Knighthood of Overijssel. Being a member of the Reformed church was a requirement for that. As a result, De Haere became a dormant manor.

Under the Deventer administrator Jan van Suchtelen, the main building was built in its current form, as he had to accommodate a family with 10 children. It became a house with two projecting wings, on a castle island with brick retaining walls and a rectangular terrace with rounded corners, set in a geometric lane system. The rectangular outer moat was later excavated and again later connected to the western pond.

Havezate De Haere

De Haere Castle
Haereweg 4
8121 PJ Olst

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