De Molen van Piet in Alkmaar
De Groot / Mill of Piet

De Groot / Mill of Piet - Alkmaar

N 52.629975 / E 4.741706

Molen De Groot, or also refered to as the Mill of Piet, is a round stone flour mill built in 1769. It stands on the Clarissenbolwerk near the former Kennemerpoort and, due to its location and large dimensions, has an important function for the cityscape. The mill was bought in 1884 and the lower floors were converted into houses. In 1955 the mill was equipped with mill blades with brake valves. In the fourth attic there are three pairs of bricks, one of which can be electrically powered. The king's spindle is an old ship's mast. The mill is back in use after a long period of repairs and restorations. The mill is accessible via the Vrouwenstraat.

De Molen van Piet in Alkmaar

De Groot / Mill of Piet
Clarissenbuurt 4
1811 GC Alkmaar

Contact details
T: 072-5112574 of 06-5581 6652

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

May 1 to October 31: Friday 10:00 - 17:00 and by appointment

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