De Blob building

De Blob building - Eindhoven

N 51.4398272 / E 5.4749345

Perhaps not the most elegant name for a building, the Blob. But one with meaning: it is the abbreviation for 'Binary Large OBject', a slew of data in the computer world and a strange building in architecture which can take on all kinds of whimsical shapes. The design of the idiosyncratic Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas serves as the entrance to the De Admirant shopping center. The striking futuristic and spatial building quickly became a beacon in the city and a popular meeting point. The Blob is 25 meters high and mainly made of glass and steel. Two similar structures next to De Blob give access to an underground bicycle parking area.

De Blob building

De Blob building
Emmasingel 12
5611 AZ Eindhoven

Contact details
T: 0341-769098

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

The Blob can always be seen from the outside. The inside is only visible in the companies located there.

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