Dairy and camping farm Veldhoeve

Dairy and camping farm Veldhoeve - Zoeterwoude

N 52.1040397 / E 4.5354441

Our farm has been in our family for generations, but has only been at its current location since 1988. The stable proudly bears the name Veldhoeve, a reference to our surname Veldhuijzen and to the beautiful green grass fields where cows graze and meadow birds can often be seen. They use it to build their nests, rear their young and rest during their migration. Our coffee shop with self-serviceoffers a beautiful view of the polder and you can spot godwits, ruffs or lapwings.

The Zuivelbar offers coffee, tea, soup or hot chocolate. And we always have some spiced gingerbread waiting for you. We sell a variety of items in the shop, in addition, of course, to the dairy, eggs, honey, jam and an assortment of Groene Hart regional products.

Dairy and camping farm Veldhoeve

Dairy and camping farm Veldhoeve
Broekweg 2
2381 NL Zoeterwoude

Contact details
T: 0172587428
E: info@veldhoevezuivel.nl

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