Country estate Oranjewoud

Country estate Oranjewoud - Oranjewoud

N 52.9508486 / E 5.9683539

It was the widow of the Frisian governor Willem Frederik of Nassau-Dietz, who bought a state in the Schoterwold in 1676. This way, Oranje acquires possession in the woods or woud in Dutch, which makes it Oranjewoud. A lust castle must arise, but only two wings were realized. The architect Daniel Marot is then involved (and in subsequent changes). Later, the wings of the unfinished castle were torn down and in 1813 the property was auctioned and split up. Ten years later, the core of the former stadholder's property passed to Hans Willem de Blocq van Scheltema. Around 1830 the current house, with a raised central section and two lower side wings, was built on his behalf. The east side wing was extended again in 1845 and 1909. The house is now a meeting location.

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Country estate Oranjewoud

Country estate Oranjewoud
Lindelaan 1
8453 JD Oranjewoud

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T: 0513-657800

Opposite Estate Oranjewoud is the freely accessible walking park de Overtuin with beautiful ancient trees, winding walking paths, a herb garden and a gazebo. You can still taste the pleasant peace of yesteryear.

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