Buitenplaats De Wiersse
Buitenplaats De Wiersse

Country estate De Wiersse - Vorden

N 52.098624 / E 6.405442

At the end of the seventeenth century the present house De Wiersse was built. At that time the first formal garden was also laid out, some of the avenues of which are still visible. At the beginning of the twentieth century the house was restored and inhabited by Baron Victor de Stuers, one of the first monument administrators in the Netherlands.

Nowadays the country estate can be visited. Take a look in the gardens and imagine yourself somewhere in Southern Europe. It is also possible to get a guided tour through the gardens.

Buitenplaats De Wiersse
Buitenplaats De Wiersse

Country estate De Wiersse
Wiersserallee 9
7251 LH Vorden

Contact details
T: 0575 723 086
E: info@dewiersse.com

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