Landgoed De Eese
Country estate De Eese

Country estate De Eese - Eesveen

N 52.836477 / E 6.115224

A gem during your cycle route! At the country estate de Eese, you will not only see many boulders, but also fascinating burial mounds on the heath and in the woods.

Today, the estate is owned by the Van Karnebeek family, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs; Jhr. Mr. Dr. H.A. van Karnebeek bought it in 1923. The centre of the estate, with the havezate from 1619 and the characteristic wooden manor house built in 1917, is designated as a cultural-historical buitenplaats.

Photo: ©Marketing East Weerribben-Wieden, via Weldadig Oord

Landgoed De Eese

Country estate De Eese
Van Karnebeeklaan 7A
8347 WB Eesveen

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