Koloniekerkje Wilhelminaoord
Colony church Wilhelminaoord

Colony church Wilhelminaoord - Wilhelminaoord

N 52.8574731 / E 6.1670843

The Colony Church in Wilhelminaoord is a monument in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A number of duties were imposed on the colony residents, such as church duty. In this way, the Society of Benevolence tried to ensure that the 'moral standard' of the colonists was raised.

Every Sunday morning, your ward master would stand at the entrance to check whether you went to church. If you were not there, he would be on your doorstep on Monday morning to seek redress and you risked a fine of up to two nickels.

All faiths were welcome at the Colony, but most were reformed. In 1851, the foundation stone was laid for the colony's Protestant church in Frederiksoord. The church was used by the Reformed Congregation until June 2009.

The little church and the organ, built by Van der Molen, are national monuments.

Photo: ©WeldadigOord

Koloniekerkje Wilhelminaoord

Colony church Wilhelminaoord
Koningin Wilhelminalaan 51
8382 GG Wilhelminaoord

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