City Hall Venlo
City Hall Venlo

City Hall Venlo - Venlo

N 51.3703346 / E 6.1689507

The first maps of Venlo show a building owned by knight Gerart van Boicholt. The aldermen of Venlo found it a suitable building to hold their meetings, but the knight probably did not want to sell the building. They then came up with a plan: the house next to the building was converted into a leper's house. Leprosy was a highly contagious disease, so those houses were normally placed far outside the city walls. The evil plan succeeded: Gerart sold his house to the city council in 1343 and disappeared from the city. Just like the leper's house, which was moved outside the city walls. The house was used for 250 years, until prosperity and peace made it possible to modernise and restore the building.

City Hall Venlo
City Hall Venlo

City Hall Venlo
Markt 2
5911 HD Venlo

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The building can always be admired from the outside.

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