Stadhuis Enkhuizen
City Hall Enkhuizen

City Hall Enkhuizen - Enkhuizen

N 52.704063 / E 5.2949677

The Town Hall of Enkhuizen was built between 1686 and 1688 and designed by architect Steven Vennekool. This architect was a student of Jacob van Campen and together they were important architects of their time. The town hall of Enkhuizen was the masterpiece of Vennekool and symbolizes the flourishing and rich city that Enkhuizen was in the Golden Age.

The interior of the town hall has been largely preserved, including beautiful paintings. In addition to the historic Schepenkamer, which is now a popular location for weddings, a variety of beautiful rooms can be found on the first floor. Such as the Witte- or Burgerzaal, the council chamber with trijp (better known as Utrecht velvet), the mayor's room with paintings by Romeijn de Hooge, the wedding hall and the Orphan room with tapestries from the Golden Age.

Stadhuis Enkhuizen

City Hall Enkhuizen
Breedstraat 53
1601 KA Enkhuizen

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