Brandevoort in 2005
City centre Brandevoort

City centre Brandevoort - Brandevoort

N 51.4606369 / E 5.6099294

The city centre of De Veste is part of the Vinex district of Brandevoort. It is designed as a fortified town and the picturesque little gates connect to courtyards that are used as parking spaces. The little tower is part of a school building, whereas in the past it would have belonged to a church or a castle. Even the canals are modern like the rest of the city centre. Some of the houses are mansions and many of the streets have nostalgic-sounding names. The street signs bear the 21st-century year. On Fridays, between 14:00 and 18:00, you can visit a small organic market under the roof of the cast-iron market hall.

Photo: De Veste; Peter H. 2005

Brandevoort in 2005

City centre Brandevoort
De Plaetse 36
5708 ZZ Brandevoort

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