Kerktoren Nieuw Schoonebeek ©Drents Archief
Church tower Nieuw Schoonebeek

Church tower Nieuw Schoonebeek - Nieuw Schoonebeek

N 52.6466282 / E 6.9874463

A Roman Catholic hall church stood here until the late 1960s. After it was demolished, only the church tower remained. The tower dates from 1855 and is built in an austere Neo-Romanesque style.

The tower is a reminder of a time when the Catholic faith was revived in Drenthe. German peat workers settled in this area in the second half of the 19th century and they were predominantly Catholic. So Catholic centres arose in a number of places and the village of Nieuw Schoonebeek gained a Catholic church alongside its Protestant church.

The towers of both churches can be seen in Vincent van Gogh's painting 'Landscape at dusk'.

Photo: ©Drents Archief

Kerktoren Nieuw Schoonebeek ©Drents Archief

Church tower Nieuw Schoonebeek
Europaweg 143
7766 AE Nieuw Schoonebeek

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