Middelpunt van Nederland
Center of The Netherlands

Center of The Netherlands - Lunteren

N 52.100926 / E 5.646297

The Lindeboomsberg (51 meters) is the geographical center of the Netherlands. Here is a monument in the form of a boulder with the inscription "Center of the Netherlands". Because there were originally three large boulders from the Ice Age, two more were added to the existing Middelpunt stone in the 1980s. Because the Middelpunt stone itself has cracked over the years, it was replaced in 2002 with a new one. Get off your bike and you are really in the middle of the Netherlands.

Middelpunt van Nederland

Center of The Netherlands

6741JP Lunteren

Contact details
E: info@middelpuntvannederland.nl

Can be visited all year round between sunrise and sunset.

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