Catharijnebrug Haarlem
Catharijne Bridge

Catharijne Bridge - Haarlem

N 52.3831662 / E 4.6431661

The Catharijne Bridge is a swing bridge in the center of the Dutch city of Haarlem. The bridge was developed sometime 1902 and 1903 and is designated a national monument. Municipal architect Jacques Leijh drew the bridge's design.

For centuries near the current Catharijne Bridge was The Old Catharijne Bridge or Hooge brug over the Spaarne. This was a wooden drawbridge that connected the Papentorenvest right next to mill De Adriaan with the Koudenhorn near the current police station. Until the eighteenth century, the bridge was part of the Sint Catrijnenpoort, the water gate of the fortifications around Haarlem.

Catharijnebrug Haarlem

Catharijne Bridge
Catharijnebrug 1
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