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Castle Oud Lemiers

Castle Oud Lemiers - Lemiers

N 50.7893823 / E 5.9951173

Near the village of Lemiers stands this stately castle Lemiers, also called Gen Hoes (fortified house). The village name is probably derived from the Latin word "limus," which means mud or a slippery place. No fewer than five streams meet in Lemiers, so the area is indeed swampy and muddy.

The current castle consists of a mansion and a castle farm and is surrounded by water on three sides. The oldest part is the square moated castle with stair tower, both built in the 15th century on the foundations of the 12th century predecessor. The cellars and barrel vaults remain from the 12th-century version. The Catharinakapel that can be found a little further away also belongs to this castle.

Oud Lemiers is listed as a national monument. It is still occupied by a family and therefore cannot be visited inside.

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Castle Oud Lemiers
Oud Lemiers 10
6295 AT Lemiers

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Castle is inhabited, so cannot be visited inside.

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