Castle & Estate Soelen
Castle & Estate Soelen

Castle & Estate Soelen - Zoelen

N 51.9093169 / E 5.4035513

Since 2005, the country estate Soelen has been part of the historical country estate complex. It is a typical Betuwe country estate, lying on the old river banks of the Waal and the Linge and is about 140 hectares in size. There are (organic) agricultural lands, forests, cattle farms and orchards. The beautiful historical centrepiece is Soelen Castle and its outbuildings from the 16th and 17th centuries.

On the estate, you may come across various animal species, such as bats, deer, rabbits and hares. It is also an area rich in birds. You can spot the spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker, tawny owl and kingfisher. But especially the old trees on the estate are very special. For example, there are oaks that are over 300 years old!

The estate is freely accessible, the castle is private and cannot be visited from within. Please note! You are only allowed to walk here, so leave your bicycle at one of the entrances or take it by hand.

Castle & Estate Soelen
Castle & Estate Soelen

Castle & Estate Soelen
P-plaats Achterstraat
4011 EP Zoelen

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The estate is open to the public, the castle cannot be visited from within.

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