Kasteel Wijenburg
Castle De Wijenburg

Castle De Wijenburg - Echteld

N 51.9093857 / E 5.5003103

From 1271, Wijenburg Castle has been in the possession of the Van Wijhe family for almost five centuries. Next to the castle is a coach house with a square tower, the former defence tower. This is the last remnant of the late-medieval outer bailey. Under Jasper van Wijhe, the eighth lord of Echteld, the castle gets its present form. By marriage, the property then came into the possession of the Van Wassenaers. They had the courtyard roofed and the castle modernised. The castle is surrounded by a very small and simple landscaped park. From the house to the former train station runs the Paris lane. The Freules Van Balveren used to go via this lane to the noble station to go shopping in Paris.

Kasteel Wijenburg

Castle De Wijenburg
Voorstraat 2
4054 MX Echteld

Contact details
T: +31344641859
E: info@kasteelwijenburg.nl

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

The house is a conference and party centre and only open to guests. You can walk around the moat. For more information, visit the website.

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