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Castle De Bongard

Castle De Bongard - Bocholtz

N 50.8204084 / E 6.0023151

Castle De Bongard can be recognized by the horizontal layers of light marlstone between the brown bricks and the round tower. The castle was first mentioned in official records as early as 1373. The round tower was not there then. In 1523, then owner Bernard of Bongard rebuilt the castle and in 1550 he added four round corner towers. In the 19th century a part was demolished and only one tower, the gate tower, remained.

For a long time, the castle was a home for noble families. Between 1680 and 1773, the seigniory of Simpelveld-Bocholtz was also controlled from the castle.

Around the castle is a beautiful park, which was created at the beginning of the 18th century.

Foto ter illustratie

Castle De Bongard
Schoolstraat 32
6351 EJ Bocholtz

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The castle cannot be visited inside, but the surrounding park is public property.

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