Kasteel Asten
Castle Asten

Castle Asten - Heusden gem. Asten

N 51.3908769 / E 5.7526552

This 600-year-old castle has seen enough due to reclamations, wars and witch hunts. Unfortunately, the last war hit the castle so hard that the building has now become a ruin.

Despite this attack, it is still worth visiting, as the outer bailey still stands in its full glory and has been inhabited continuously for all these centuries. In addition, the ruin has now acquired an idyllic appearance. The castle is not freely accessible due to the fragility of the remains. However, it is possible to book a guided tour through the local tourist office.

Kasteel Asten

Castle Asten
Kasteellaan 12
5725 AD Heusden gem. Asten

Contact details
T: 0493-368408
E: info@kasteelasten.nl

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